Monday, September 6, 2010

Want Much: Fall Boot-Booties, Unreal Top Five (Or more)

Dear Kristin,
It's time to desire things.  Here's my stomping boot list, a top five of sorts (if one can have a top five without having seen every stomping boot available for stomping).  So, instead, let's make this my inspiration list, the shoes I'll be thinking of while shopping for shoes I actually and in good conscience (money conscience) purchase. 

First off, a chunky-heeled sweater shoe from Alexander Wang, the shoe-man of the season.  I wanted to include every last one of his.  I limited myself to this pair (and - oops - a handful more in the P.S. at the post's end):

Alexander Wang, $645, found at Bergdorf's
I love the grey casualness of it.  It's got a five inch heel and it almost looks cozy.  And then there are these hard little beauties, from Celine:

Celine, $770
 The exposed ankle adds a touch of sweetness to them: the delicate ankle, exposednaked, for all the world to see and admire.  And what a superb, stacked wooden heel they have.  There's something very countryside about them, however impractical they would actually be walking through the actual countryside.  This next pair, on the other hand, is all city:

Burberry, Available at Netaporter
Except for the heel, that is.  They're very urban utility; I fear, though, they're less for walking and more for intimidating and stalking (visually, of course) one's human city pray.  Get my drift?  Probably not.  That analogy is pretty confusing.  I mean, you'd sit outside a cafe (Ost perhaps), drinking an Americano (very tough), legs crossed in your black skinny jeans, red lips on alert, eyeing the pretty things that walk past you on the street.  Then you'd hop in a cab and head home because walking might be a struggle.  Which is why I love these next five inchers:

Bottega Veneta, Netaporter
 I really think you could walk in these subtly shiny (satin!) wedges. The wedge, I truly believe, was made for the city and I hope in never goes away.  And, should they fade into fashion obscurity, as they almost inevitably will, I have no doubt I'll insist on wearing them regardless.  As well as this weird hybrid:

Derek Lam
 A kind of half wedge, half equestrian boot-bootie.  It makes sense to me.  The boot-bootie is a little confused to begin with.  Why not throw in a dash of mary jane and a splash of riding wear?  Why not.


Alexander Wang, Netaporter

Heck, and while I'm at it:

My favorites.  All Alexander Wang.
My favorites.  All Burberry (bookended by the same boot, front and back).

You must go to their respective websites to find all of these.  In conclusion, Best in Boots:  Alexander Wang and Burberry (Bur-berry is the best berry!)

J. Benny

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