Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jason Wu Spring 2011

Dear Kristin,
Let's talk briefly about how great Jason Wu makes me feel.  He did the long blazers, filmy low-v blouses, candy colored shoes, faux flowers and really likable navies and creams and soft grays:

that I predicted for the next year.  The Boyfriend thinks these looks are "cool."  He told me so.  Unprompted.  Just because.  I guess there's just something about Jason Wu.  I liked the collection as a whole and felt validated in seeing much of the Want Much list in action; it's all just very wearable.  On the other hand, I've only featured three looks here (as you can well see), because only three looks truly stood out to me and, if I'm being honest, maybe just two (the first and the last; the middle is just great spring wear).  But they're pretty A+ as looks.  Probably my favorites of the season so far.

J. Benny

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