Thursday, September 9, 2010

Found: Vena Cava, Rachel Comey, Spring 2011

Dear Kristin,
I was just being stupid, not looking quite hard enough for my Vena Cava and Rachel Comey.  I mean, really.  Like would neglect these two?  Please.

But I almost didn't post my Vena Cava stuffs, seeing as Red Carpet Fashion Awards did such a swell job of calling out the collections most striking looks:

I liked everything she posted, actually.  The reason I even made my own was because of that Want Much list of mine.  The red-red in the first look (red lips throughout!), the low v in the second, the nude asymmetrical hem in the third, the 50s style head band mixed with the happily dated bra in the last.  They're the kind of light and floaty looks that make me rethink my (f)all jeans, all the time policy.  I mean, these ladies look smokin'.  And comfortable.  And like they didn't take all day trying to look smokin' and comfortable.  I might be a wee less impressed than in seasons past but, again, I like.  Also, they make me feel happy about my little, silly trend list.  That is all.  And I now want a rope belt.  Only let's just use real rope, k?

J. Benny

P.S.  Rachel Comey.  A few more in the wearable department:


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