Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick clothes: Matthew Williamson

Dear Kristin,
London Fashion Week was a bust. Burberry really blew it. And it's so sad, because they usually make me the punky English girl in me very happy and they used to be the Best Berry and now they're just Another Berry (the best being Mulberry). I'm not saying I have anything against leather leggings (see previous posts), but if that's the best you've got, that and an over-studded leather biker jacket, you've got a long way to go. It was just too literal,with too little to be inspired by there.

Oddly enough, though:

Matthew Williamson is a favorite. I say "oddly" because I suspect those attached to his usual work (which I find a bit too quirky-Floridian-grandma for my taste) will be disappointed. And by "those people," I mean AARP members. And rake-thin catwalkers, the only other folks on the planet who can get away with shapeless hot pink mumus covered in peacock feather prints. (I'm generalizing - that was just his collection for H&M).  Anyway, cheers Williamson!

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