Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Jackson

Dear Jackson,
I thought of you while you were away this week.  Here is a picture of you and me in Wyoming:

As lakes!  In that picture we are millions of years old.  And now, just me:

As Lykki Li + Johnny Cash!  Also, I found you this toy:

With the help of New York Magazine (who brought it to my attention) and the New York Times, who are the makers of this fun toy (that I found for you).  Walking New York City today, I also found for you a shop of spices and truffles and star anise and coral colored salt blocks from the Himalayas:

A store in our backyard with many items you've searched the city high and low for.
To pique your senses, I made the above collage of their items, a sloppy imitation of these pretties:

From Ikea's free baking book, Homemade Is Best Made, which we'll pick up the next time we're in Sweden (where it will be available).  I bet you sixty-eight krona you can't guess the cooked identity of these raw ingredients.  That is, to be clear, TEN AMERICAN DOLLARS.  A lot of money to lose.  (Fortunately, I do not know the answer to the baby blue and so we both win.  Or lose,)

And, finally:

Photos taken by Leanne of Be The Oak. 

And so, you see, I thought of you.

J. Benny

P.S.  I almost bought you a rainbow whisk today.  Instead, I thought frugal and bought you whole milk for your morning coffee tomorrow.

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