Monday, September 6, 2010

Songs Etc.

Dear Kristin,
Sometimes I feel this blog ought be just an extension of Stereogum.  Like, Best Bit of Sterogum! or another self-explanatory title of that ilk:

And it would feature one Stereogum sponsored video/tidbit a day.  But then I remember that Stereogum doesn't tend to post gorgeous, older videos, even if these older videos tend to complement the newer, just posted gorgeous video:

And would perhaps be illuminating to Kristin.  And they also don't care about Kristin.  That's right, they don't care one niblet if their friend Kristin sees any music videos at all.  Which I get.  I mean, who is Kristin but one reader?  And yet, if you spend a lot of time talking to Kristin, you might want her to know about this:
The video of which does not matter (obviously, as it's just the album cover)

So that you can discuss it later/tomorrow over many coffees and cocktails and impromtpu camera fun.

J. Benny

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