Saturday, September 11, 2010

Costello Tagliapietra, Spring 2011

Dear Kristin,
To be clear, I love these men:

Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra
And I love their clothes:

But, on the whole, I am not in love with this collection. While I appreciate the simplicity of the above, and would gladly put any one them on my body or in my closet, I'm not dying for one.  The reason I collaged these at all was because of that yellowy dress, and it wasn't even so much the dress I responded to, but the chocolate belt against the chartreuse coupled with the somewhat understated sandal (understated, at least, in this world of busy, heavy platforms with feathers and bows and studs and blah blah blah).  Those colors feel right and fresh together.  As far as the rest, I suppose I was thinking they'd look amazing for a day at the office when one must do amazing things and feel amazing doing them; they'd awe the competition/boss/coffee-runners.  I'm not sure that's saying a lot though; but perhaps that's the point.  They're quiet, refined, and comfortable enough. 

And, okay, I omitted a lot of their classic Cos-Tag drapery (the kind we even saw, much to my delight, in their Uniqlo collection), but it kind of struck me as either unflattering or trying a bit too hard this time around (as with their splashy art prints, though I confess I've never dug that trend).  And I really really want to get back to dressing for one's body and shape, to flattering the wearer.  If the models look a little stiff and blocky, how will us womanly types look?  So, whatever.  I'm let down.  Am I being particularly hard on them?  Absolutely.  Might it have a bit to do with the fact that, as opposed to seasons past, they're not really making clothes for me, the unconventional-freelancey-student-writer girl?  Sure.  But I still think they can do better.

J. Benny

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