Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Real Winter Boots, Unreal bags

Dear Kristin,
Besides those cozy wedges from Carin Wester, I've been looking out for these:

They're from the Gap and the ones I want, the non-peep-toe-booties, come out God-knows-when.  The peep toes, though, come out on October the 19th and are part of the Gap's collaborative collection with Pierre Hardy.  Oh, those two.  I love them together.  They really make the most interesting, most comfortable, most towering shoes.  (Sidenote: Gap is also creating a capsule collection with Valentino, which is great, but it will only be availble to Europeans, which is less great).  Also, I like this bag:

Fendi Classico, found at
Damn, the mustard yellow would look great with my hypothetical Gap boots.  And then there's this one:

Reed Krakoff satchel ($1,290). 
Reed Krakoff is awesome.  At pretty much everything:

Other bags I enjoy, but only if they truly look and exist as they do in these ads:

They're slouchy and easy looking, without making me feel blarg (bored, dulled).  And they're what I meant by the "simple" bags I mentioned in my lengthy Want Much list.  Anyway, they cost thousands.  So, instead, I hope to buy this guy:
Lands' End!  Route 63 Canvas Leather Trim Tote, $168
It's by no means a look alike, but I want it almost as badly.  Until I find a few affordable copycats of the former (which I'll post, of course), it will have to do.

J. Benny

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