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Want Much: Complete List

Dear Kristin/Jamie,
I started this post weeks and days ago.

Because this is the mere introduction to my Want Much list for fall (it's like my September issue) and will be a mostly non-picturey, I'd like to provide you first with this:

I should have been googling The Walkmen and their new CD, Lisbon, every day for the past two (now three) weeks. I just trusted that, if I regularly explored the music blogs, it would have been brought to my attention. It being BIG NEWS. All of The Walkmen's new CD, Lisbon, can now be heard in its entirety on NPR and, consequently, youtube. Of course! NPR's First Listen.

I want to post my (nearly) complete Want Much list now because, the more I glance around the internet, the more I'm finding new posts from the likes of (i.e. Vogue) and refinery29 and fabsugar that cover somewhat similar ground.  And not just "Camel coats!  They're the best!" type ground.  They're popping up with new posts about a fresh little look I thought I was going to nail down first, without their help (I'm looking at you, with your white jeans in winter piece), if one can, in fact, nail a look down at all.

So here's the list.  Extensive runway pictures (from, Fall 2010, just like the ones already posted) and where-to-buy links will come later.  In installments. And then we can wear the same giant comfy sweaters and white jeans and heavy-heeled, military-inspired, old-world-reminiscent, calf-high boots for fall! Hooray for uniformism!

Want Much List: Fall

Tops and Sweaters:
1. Chunky, fat knits. Knubby (Marc Jacobs, Rodarte) and slightly ill-fitting.  But not so ill-fitting that their chunkiness renders the person under it uncharacteristically chunky looking. 
Shipley and Halmos, Fall 2010,
2. Diaphanous blouses.  Light enough to be ever-so-slightly see-through.  Flouncy, floaty, a bit louche.  Yes, louche.   I've seen some great vintage ones through Urban Renewal at EU, some great adds for forthcoming ones at The Gap, and some great photos of dress-blouses we'll never be able to afford at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

3.1 Phillip Lim floaty dress blouse
3. Cardigans. These are still the best.  I want to change up the proportions and I want to be wearing two at a time, different textures, different weights (I remember J. Crew's new catalog featuring something like this). Heavy layering is my greatest love.

4. Tight, wrap-around cardis with very Low v-neck. Or really anything with a structured, super low v-nick.

Stella McCartney.  Like the idea,less into the sleeves or shoes.
5.  Simple grey hoodie (for layering under blazers etcetera).

(Already owned goods: Much (cardigans, big, warm sweaters) of the above. To be worn with different proportions.)

1. More boyfriend-type blazers, only with the aforementioned superlow v-necks (e.g. Stella McCartney).

2.  One that is cut longish.

3. A draped pretty thing.

(Already owned goods: Many boyfriend and vintage pieces. Drapey sequined jackets, Drape grey jacket/cardo. Cropped tuxedo.)

1. White skinny jeans in winter.  I thought I had this first and I'm a little miffed at with its mind/culture-readeriness. 

2. Wide leg, pajama-type pants.  If silk, definitely patterned.  If leather, no need.  Otherwise, it's a must; actual PJs not (totally) allowed.

3. Gray sweat-legging pants (United Bamboo, Topshop, Vera Wang at Bergdorf's).

4. Boyfriend khakis.

(Already owned goods, jeans: wide leg (extra important), skinny, black, deep blue, vibrant blue, high waisted, boyfriend, and ankle cut. Dress pants: long and flowy (extra important), high-waisted, carrot leg and cropped, skinny and cropped, black, blue.)

1. High-waisted, deep-hued, leather pencil skirt. Heck, make that pleather.  That's right, I believe in pleather.  So long as it's no impossibly sticky and clingy.  We do need to walk (probably miles) in these things.  Okay, so pleather looking.  Pleather looking anything!  Ah:

Okay, not a skirt.  Chris Benz dress.
2. Sweetly draping/falling skirts, knee to calf. Distant cousin to the mullet skirt (See Valentino Couture Fall 2010).

3. Mid-calf skirts (though I'll likely skip this, being more of a pants gal myself).

Marc Jacobs
4. Floor length, form fitting

(Already owned goods: mini, knee length, tight, and pleated.)

1. Maxis for me.

2. Short and somewhat tight still works under a big sweater. (Love me some separates this fall).

(Already owned goods: Many. But dresses won't be as much a thing this year. Still, a 50s hoop skirt is a good bet and a great fitting number is always in style, as is beauty).

Alberta Ferretti, not to be hidden under a big sweater

Prints and colors and texture:
1. Mixed, layered prints.  Stripes on stripes, especially.  But leopard on leopard, leopard on cheetah, cheetah on checkers.  You get the drift.

2. Cats and bees and birds (think Miu Miu).

3. Acidic, yellowy green.
Chris Benz, acidic yellow
4. Um, I almost want something in pink. Very weird for me.

5. Which brings me to red-red.  I want very red and I may even want it in top/cardi form.  And on my lips. And maybe as shoes, particularly if they are toy-like.

6. Feathers.  Feathers and fur.  Man, does J. Crew ever have a great feather jacket.

J. Crew feather jacket, already sold out
7.  Sheer:

Happiness.  Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein, Resort 2010

8. Sedate shimmer, fish scales, and dusty disco:
Naeem Khan
 Marc Jacobs, Scales, Dusty Disco

(Important colors already owned:  Nude, navy, caramel, soft grey, rose, black.)

Cold Weather Jackets:
1. Men's.  I'm thinking a man's XS pea-coat from Uniqlo (with a waxy outer).  But really any old pea-coat will do:

Not any old pea coat.  Burberry Prorsum.
2. And an ACTUAL, as in bought-for-$25-on-Bleeker-Street actual, military coat.

3. A simple, easy cape:
Phillip Lim
4. Enough layers to equal a coat.

(Goods already owned: leather (black, tan), robe-like/half-sleeve coat, toggle, structured red)

1. Mid-calf, chunky heeled, stomping boots.  Think: 1800s, military, function, icy sidewalks.  Warm, detailed, new-world-meets-old.  But nothing too contrived (e.g. laces running up and down and generally all over boot).  These are not what I'm talking about, but they're quite simple and a lovely calf-cut:

Alexander Wang
2. Sockless oxfords (Repetto, perhaps).

3. Nude, blend-into-your-skin flats for warmish fall day (Lanvin, Sue London, Gap).

Also in heels:
4. A slightly rounded, almond-shaped point.

5. An old-school ankle/foot cut, way less than a bootie, more than the regular heel. Wide slits.

Dries Van Noten
6. Toyish shoes (fur heel, velvet, Balenciaga). Candy-coated, playful, and platformed.  Only good pre-snow.

(Goods already owned:  Over the knee, equestrian, bootie, and moto boots.  Wedges.)

The Bag:
Bags (and dresses) are not so much out, as on pause. We still need them. I want what's useful, functional, and tonal. Some delicious leather examples to come later.

Straight Up Accessories:
  • A detachable fur hood, to be worn with my pea coat.  I want badly.
  • Over the knee stocking-socks. Preferably sock-like in texture and look. I want grey or black. And I want to wear them with my pea-coat. (Perhaps over black-tights.)

    Something like socks.  Alexander Wang
  • Gold nail polish.  Not solid gold, but (fake) gold flecked.
  • Muted, winter flowers on a big, winter scarf.
  • Man's gold watch.
  • Thick, 50s style head scarf.

  • A young Anna Wintour's bangs (see fall YSL and Chloe ads).
  • Bras and bust (as a look thing and a shape thing, see Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 ads).
  • Fall flowers.  In other words, a rose in our respective lapels.
  • Mixed metal jewelry, braided necklaces, tiny trinkets (e.g. the previously posted best friends broken heart), and rap video-inspired pieces.
  • Candy. Kidding!  Kinda.  I just hope you're still reading at this point. Anyhow, CANDY! 

Want but will never have the guts:
1. Boot's as pants.  Thigh high or actual pants, it doesn't matter.  I want to see these in my neighborhood.  I want to think about wearing them.  I do not want to pay thousands to do so.

Also, these will be everywhere (maybe a little too everywhere) or people are pretending they will be. I likely will not buy:
1. Camel coats (Chloe)
2. Aviator jackets (Burberry)
3. Kitten heels (Marc Jacobs)
4. Peep-toe booties
5. Shapely pointed shoes
6. Splashy art prints
7. Uninspired denim shirts (honestly, this is the main one of the group I'm really tossing around.)


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