Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So many pretty things happened to me last night

Dear Kristin,
The pretty introduction:

It's a bit sad; sad and pretty.  Why do those two so often walk together?  Anyway, I found the above through various links to links to links, but she's from the Dresdon Dolls, who are weird and wonderful, and created a solo album which features this song, a duet with Annie Clark from St. Vincent.  This is not the official video, but it is the one I prefer, though it's missing Annie.  Which is too bad, because I tend to like her most in her collaborations (The National, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver). 

You know who else I like?  Emma.  Emma of Jane Austen fame, as displayed for me over the course of the 4 hour BBC miniseries I watched last night.  Pretty:

I kept thinking, I want to look like this.  Not just, like Emma.  But like this picture, the whole scene with it's muted tones and slight sadness and pinks.  And golds:

And greens:

And bright complexions:

That's Michelle Williams in Jason Wu at the Venice Film Festival.  It's like a little modern day Austen, no?  The dressy sweetness of it.  Only I suppose Michelle's got a sad and a happy story.  Jane pretty much errs on the side of the happy (the happy ending at least, to which she freely admits - wanting a happiness for her characters she could never actually have in real life).  Emma perhaps most of it:

Look at that complexion.  This is the end, after she's married to her best friend.
Or at least she does when we (the reader, the watcher) leave her.  It's all about where the storyteller ends the story.  Which is something I'm tossing around in my own work - the happy ending, the happy narrative, the happy man.  (That first song, the Amanda Palmer, is the years later version, after the happy-ending ending.  So it's the sad ending, after which we'll likely get another happy one.)   

As a kind of saddish segue (although pretty) to the end of this post, The National have a new song, You Are A Kindness, that came out some days ago.  It's a wonderful treat after High Violet, though perhaps not fully realized:

And because I am the author here and this is the Make Me Happy blogspot, we'll end on perky note:

Elle Fanning in Marc Jacobs at the Somewhere premier in Venice.  The trailer's great. 
J. Benny

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