Friday, May 11, 2012

Met Gala: Costumes (And Then There Was a Party)

Dear Kristin,
It's Met Gala week.

Eee!  Co-hostess Carey Mulligan in Prada

You know how much this means to me.

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte.  Aren't you so curious about the flowery slip of a thing hiding beneath the jacket?  So curious.

I image the above to be your face and general posture.  Don't make that face!  It's just a fun parade!  A costume party with costumes I want to wear to a fancy grocery store.  Because that's my favorite place to visit right now.  Other good places to visit: a big bash or big bed.

Oversized nightgown?  I'd sleep in it.
Diane Kruger in Prada.  It's a good purple, no? Though it looks to be nearly exposing her.

The idea behind this year's exhibit is Prada and Schiaparelli, hey, what if they met?  It's entitled "Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations," and I believe it's meant to highlight Schiaparelli's inevitable influence on Prada, though Ms. Prada has denied any such influence.  So!  They ran with it anyway.

There was also a simulated "conversation"-- between Prada and Judy Davis, who plays Schiaparelli due to Schiaparelli's death in 1973--that I believe Met patrons were treated to sometime between the ceasar salad and chicken.  That sounds.  Really awkward to me.  You can watch it here!  I'm too embarrassed.  Baz Lurhmen directed.  I just can't image anyone was convinced.  Maybe it all turned out pretty and sweeping and not stilted at all.  I really hope so.

I believe the point, or the reason they've been paired up, is because they're both quite revolutionary.  Known to push boundaries.  Ground-breaking.  I'm not going to talk about that, their ground-breakingness, except to usher us back around to the red-carpet.  If boundaries are not being pushed, than the attendees are not keeping to the theme.  At the Met Gala, as with Charlotte Derby's long awaited Middle School Party, you keep to the theme.  Or you're kicked out (at least at Derby's thing).

Anyway, we have to be surprised by the look.  Because there ought to be some risk involved.

So, fittingly, this year had it's ups:

TRAIN.  Beyonce in Givenchy Couture.

And it's downs:

Visible, flesh-toned leotard and Babie pose. A general lifelessness in the torso.  (But beautiful fresh makeup.)
But despite these disappointments, we--the people streaming the carpet on persevered.  We were committed. 

Committed.  John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (in Calvin Klein).

Watching in anticipation of the dress.  And while there wasn't a lot of cheering on my end, I did cheer.

I HAVE A TOP TEN.  Which, if I'm being truly discriminating, should be a roundup of five.  There were five that felt special.  The rest of the top ten, the first five you'll see, are very nice.  Super.  But not for the Met.  Not this particular event with this particular theme.  At the Oscars, I'd be out of my chair.  Thrilled.  I just expect a great deal more from the Met.

But first, allow me to set the scene:

Rihanna in Tom Ford, with talons on her fingers and stars running down her neck.

This, these two, are the cutest.  Emma in playful Lanvin with a playful Lanvin.  But the shoes are a non-starter.

Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren.  So beautiful.  But no surprise.

Best dressed fella.

Like yours.  On the ribs and all.

I'm starting to find these brothers attractive.  Fine suits will do that.

Clemence Poesy in Nina Ricci.  So few pictures of her.  This is the only clear one I've found.

And Scarlett Johansson, among others (including Rosario Dawson's brilliant blue earrings), in Dolce and Gabbana

Time for a top ten.  Note, though, we're only talking ten this year, as opposed to twenty.  I wasn't quite as thrilled as I wanted to be.  But.  There were some great looks:

10.  Carey Mulligan in Prada.

The happiness helps.  With Marcus Mumford.  Newlyweds.

Because I love fat spangles (I actually own something called a sequin mermaid top) and the layering in the back.  And because I love the nightlife.

9.  Astrid Berges Frisbey, an actress I've only just heard of, looking perfect in Chanel. 

Because of the structure, the lightness against the form.  Because of the glitter.  We should all be so lucky.

8.  Diane Kruger in Prada. 

What can I say?  I like a loud night(ball)gown. 
Because it was a risk. For the shape and the color and even the dangerous fit/cut in the chest.  And the accessories were so well chosen.  The stand out, but they don't scream.  Even the easy hair.  It all complements. 

 7.  Kate Bosworth in Prada. 

With Michael Polish, headed to the after party.

Because of the topknot and vamp  lip.  The stems on her heels and the feathers.  Not a lazy choice.  Not at all.

6.  Liu Wen in Michael Kors.  Because I love it and her in it.  So red.  But it's hardly daring.  It's Michael Kors for heaven's sake.  If this were the Oscars, this could have been it for me.  I want to be this:

But who wouldn't want to be this?  For an evening?  To be this is striking.

5.  January Jones is Atelier Versace. 

Because you don't wear this to a black tie wedding.  Never.

4.  Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier.  Because of the orange and the detailing around the neck, the tight fit with a built-in super hero belt and a high slit.  All against the severe, close-cut pixie.

But does it dare?  Enough?  And the shoes.  I'm ambivalent toward the shoes.  Maybe?

Ginnifer Goodwin with Josh Dallas

And because she looks fun.

3.  G in Prada

Walkin away, with Cameron Diaz.

Again, nothing about this is lazy.  The stems of her heels.  The paillettes on her pockets.  Pockets!  The weirdness of wearing a short metallic apron dress to the Met Gala.  And the earrings.  Scroll back up and look at those earrings. 

2.  Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture

There were too few pictures of her.

The bangs, choppy, as if cut by a child. Against the hard, almost protruding frame of the bodice.  An elegant see-throughness in the leg has never looked so elegant before.  Black gridded sequins fading into purple.  It's so simple.  It's hardly trying.  I'm not ever sure how this look, such a simple look, happens.  Is it an accident?  Gwyneth's should be better.  It fit's my Met bill more.  Hers is surprising.  This one is captivating.  I can't look away.

1.  Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe.  Because this is a costume. 

And this is the Met Gala.

I have more to show you.

Best Pairings, A Tiny Top 4:

Bow tie and Farida Khelfa in Schiaparelli.  This would be me.  Exactly.
LaLa Anthony in ZacPosen with Carmelo.  So great looking.
Emily and John.  Cause they do.

And then there was a party:

I'd like to chat up Seth Meyers.  Yes, I would.

Good-bye, Met.

J. Benny

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I still miss you

Dear Kristin,
Of course I do.

J. Benny

P.S.  The Met Gala will not go unnoticed by J. Benny.  Trust.