Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovely for Less

Dear Kristin,
Wonderful news!  Scandinavia's coming!  Hooray for me and the cozy boots I'll be purchasing the day I have more than $16 available to me in my checking account!
(Carin Wester for Urban Outfitters, still not findable on

I hope they're $20.  Do we wish the wedge was black?  Maybw.  Still, I'd happily drop $20 on these.  (They will not be $20).  Other somethings I want to be $20:

(I still dream of you, Lanvin Spring 2008 RTW gowns.  Photos from

And WHY NOT?  Lanvin is coming to H&M, after all!  Double hooray.  Today is a good day.  But, okay, calm down.  Because, on the flip side, I get the sense that both of these designers will be maintaining their respective high(ish) prices.  Not unlike this piece, to be purchased at Topshop,

(This shift would be cute on us.  Kate Moss for Topshop)

designed by Kate Moss and team Topshop, for a kinda pricey $250.  My point?  Kate Moss is not Alber Elbaz of Lavin:

(Mr. Elbaz after his Fall 2009 RTW show)
Though I expect we'll pay less than both designers' usual (and admit that Lanvin's usual is in the thousands, while Carin Wester's in the hundreds), I also expect the prices to continue to be a bit out of reach for us lay folk.  Except the boots; I'm buying the boots (I mean, I think.  I'm torn over the heel.  Torn.)

J. Benny

P.S.  Meow:
(Again, Topshop, $76)
Which, let's be honost, I will never buy nor wear.  But it makes me happy anyway.

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