Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sharon Van Etten, Extra Lens

Dear Kristin,

I could have done a Make Me Happy Mixtape today, but I felt lazy and busy and like I only wanted to post when I couldn't come up with another compressed metaphor, the kind that speaks for itself and doesn't play with that like/as simile bullshiz. Right now I'm taking a wine break (break with wine, not to be confused with break from wine).  Here's what I learned from NPR yesterday:

Sharon Van Etten.  I suppose we already know her from a previous post.  But she's almost Kathleen Edwards here, no?  And the second:

No video, just link.

The Extra Lens. He's almost The Mountain Goats, yes?  Yes.  He is part Mountain Goat.  This is John Darnielle's side project and he's visiting us (via the Extra Lense) at Mercury Lounge Oct 22nd as part of the CMJ Music Festival.  You know what that means: 21st, Diamond Rings; 22nd, Extra Lens.  We're doing this!

J. Benny

P.S.  No we're not.  Mercury Lounge has announced a date change.  THE TWENTY FIRST.  No.

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