Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh my gosh music

Dear Garrett,
I have three new ones.  The first is from The Tallest Man on Earth:

The Tallest Man On Earth's new EP, Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird
(Sorry about the link-clicking; I can't attach just yet. But the song is FREE if you follow the link.)

The song's a little Deertick-y, yes? 

In other news, Ryan Adams is still working.  With Weezer.  I take heart in that, even if it doesn't quite fill my Adams quota for the year.  (It's slightly Tom Petty sounding, maybe a little Adams-y if you know he's there, but mostly it sounds like Weezer. It primarily sounds like Weezer). I'd like him to get a little more unretired before the year's out.

Finally, and most deliciously, DIAMOND RINGS.  This is a cover of an old Mila Jovovich tune and I am now unbearably excited for his his full length album, out October 25th:

I mean, this blog is pretty much dedicated to Diamond Rings.  Secretly.  Because openly it's dedicated to Kristin.

J. Benny

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