Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make Me Happy Mixtape: Darker

Dear Kristin,
This will be a mess.  I've got a lot.  It started with these, taken on my drizzly walk from Broadway and 8th, to Broadway and Bleeker, to 9th and C.  I had a halfway broken umbrella and still stopped for them:

This is on Bleeker.  Bleeker and, like, Broadway.  It's a happening sidewalk.  I love it because what, on earth, could it possibly want from us, the sidewalkers?  WARNING.  EARTH MAY CAVE.  And, should the earth cave and we're all crushed beneath the rubble, well, we knew better.  Nobody's fault.  I, for one, plan on never knowing better.  And that's a promise.

No halfway ways, no:

The day was darker, but it made ugly things pretty:

Firehydrant in watercolor. Always something to love:

I'm kind of a cornball like that.  Love love.  I pranced around all day in my standard

tied eighties style at the bellybutton.  And ended my longish journey here:

And here:

Phosphorescent isn't brand new, as the other bands have been, but they are new and welcome to me:


Hate to half-ass this, but I've got an evening to photograph for you.  Clothes come tomorrow.

J. Benny

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