Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make Me Happy Mix: Want Much

Dear Kristin,
It is the weekend and you are busy.  But when are you ever too-too busy for cute?

(Emma Watson.  Short hair = fetching, as you well know.)
Never!  She's cute.  I have a thing for her (a Harry Potter bias - case in point: I spent at least half an hour just last night talking to/at a semi-stranger about the wonders of HP and his new, highly photogenic Wizarding World at Universal Studios).  Am I worried dresses over jeans might be making a comeback?  I am.  But do I feel threatened by the possibility of 'strend returning, rearing it's ugly head and reminding us what frump looks like?  Not so much.  I like our day's eclecticism and, besides, the misbuttoning of the grey cardi overshadows the jean/dress combo. It's adorable.  Here's hoping we'll always have some to deflect attention from the jean/dress pairing. 

And here's hoping you'll never be too busy for carrot cake (not pictured) or soft things (a sea of bunnies? not pictured) or Dinosaur Comics:

He makes an excellent point.  Copper is great and our ideas of sexy do change.  As do, thank goodness, the seasons.  What I'm getting at here is: FALL'S COMING FINALLY IT'S GOING TO  BE SO GOOD.  I think it was in last Thursday's New York Times (which I read only this morning) that I stumbled upon an otherwise agreeable style piece that began with a lamentation of summer's end.  This made me feel as though the narrator was unreliable.  And crazy.  It's an article about fashion.  I presume the author cares for fashion.  Summer is fashion's worst season.  And it's New York City.  New York City is not equipped for heat.  Our north eastern air-conditioners, when they're actually employed, are much too feeble.  Anyway, this troubled me.  Because summer's not over and next week's highs will likely prove that.  But I am happy because fall fashion nearing and the air is crisp and I'm creating a Want Much list. 

The first item I'll divulge from the Want Much list is, DA DA DUM, copper and mixed metal jewelry.  Yup.  I don't buy jewelry.  I will buy a piece of copper and/or mixed metal jewelry.  Or I'll make it (buy a trinket, buy a chain and/or buy a necklace).  And while any coin adorned chain might fit the bill
(Belmacz, thousands of dollars, photo found on
or a useful gold sliver on a chain of brass

(Joan Halloway style pen necklace, found here.)
this is my first want:

(Etsy again, found here.)

Aw.  I'm the cutest, right?  Anyway, a laughably long Want Much list is coming.  I'm probably going to post it piecemeal over the next week and it will be the focus (with a bit of mood music taped to the introduction, for your listening and looking and shopping pleasure).

Here's a little something to end your Saturday with:

(A reimagining of the best friends charms.)
(If you ignore the death part and the car part, IT'S US!)

J. Benny

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