Monday, August 23, 2010

Make Me Happy Mixtape: Weather

Dear Kristin,

Let's talk about the weather.  You know, I do love that about best friends. WE CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING. Comedy, tragedy, silly crushes, tragic silly crushes, fried egg sandwiches, the weather. Important life things. I realize it's boring, but I need the weather to be fair game, because this breeze is the best thing to happen to me in months/  Twelve months, to be exact.  Since the last first fall breeze.  It's just so refreshing!  It's spontaneous!  It's alive! It's wearing pants!

(The 70s Wide Culotte.  You'll hate these on me.  Can't wait.)

Okay, so those are TopShop and, although not a breeze, are most desirable.  In person, they do resemble a long, drapey skirt, yes.  But they're also jacquard and light and navy.  And pants.  They could be folksy; instead, they're refined.  I want.  This next photo does the look better justice and although I don believe they're the same pants, they are both TopShop and both almost fancy pajamas:

(Skirt or pant or jumpsuit?  TopShop Unique, found at

And both lovely.  But look!  The breeze is wearing a sweater today:

(Shareen Vintage belt, UO sweater, Earnest Sewn high-waisted cropped skinny jean)

What an adorable, chunky wrap-around belt that breeze has on.  I'll take a light rain any day if it means New York gets to be 68 degrees. I didn't quite wake up with it this morning (my windows were closed), but I did wake up with something like a cool breeze:

(This is my first viewing of the video.  I'm not sure what to make of it.  But I do like the boy in the hat.)

My brain switched on, then came Zorbing by Stornoway. I've been tossing this tune around, unsure whether or not I really enjoy it.  But here's what I'm thinking: it doesn't matter. I obviously respond to it; it's compelling enough for me to wake up with it every day for the past week. For better or for worse, it's my internal alarm-song. When it came on this morning, before I'd opened my eyes, I couldn't have known about the weather. Which is a shame, because the two work together nicely. They're crisp in an unexpected (though somewhat conventional) way.  They're both a breath of fresh, rich air.

So here we are, on our second day together, and it's just another day.

J. Benny

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