Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make Me Happy Mixtape: Girl Music

Dear Kristin/Dannielle,
Good morning ladies!

I mean afternoon.  Good afternoon!  "Good morning" just sounds chipper. Anyway, this is a double dedication because it was spurred by dual inspiration.  The above is a new favorite Kristin song.  Or, rather, it's a new favorite Jenny song - no predicting that Kristin, she's a pistol.  And the video, unlike most I post (as a mode of sharing the song) is worth a serious viewing.  I mean, the pleather dress!  That accidental smile!  The bouffant!  I'm almost in love.

So I'm thinking "girl music."  When it was first mentioned last night, and I thought, "WORD. Grrrl music":

I like Grrrl!  Which, as it turns out, was simply a mental misspelling on my part.  Girl, not grrrl.  And then it got hard for me - because what is that, girl music?  And do I still like it?  Yeah, still.  Because I used to be all about the girl music, if by girl we mean girl + piano and/or guitar, which we do.  Last night, I said I'd found some knew girl-type music and Kristin made a face, like, no, you didn't.  Like I don't still enjoy girl + piano and/or guitar.

But the truth is, of my somewhat unreliable iTunes 50 Most Played Songs, only one features just a girl's voice (Kathleen Edwards, my goodness) and another three play up a boy/girl pairing or the girl's voice within the group (The XX, The Dutchess and the Duke, Camera Obscura).  These gals, boy band members or not, should really count:

Oh!  And I'm a little bit into her:

Ha.  Get it?  A LITTLE BIT!  I am not, however, as nuts about this band as most:

They're brand new, but they're not the best thing since brie on baguette.  I mean, RIGHT? Good video.  Fine band. I like, but I do not love.  There are, however, some girls I'm still spinning toward, even if they're a little less my go-to but:

She's nice.

And she' a classic.  With a piano!  And is also nice.

J. Benny

P.S.  Another piano, she makes me tear up and shiver.

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