Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Kristin,
You looked really pretty the other night:

(Jessica Alba in Balmain and Louboutins, found at
I wish you really were Jessica Alba and not just for clothes borrowing purposes, but because then I could really like (nay, love) her, instead of just being confused by her.  (CONFESSION: I have never seen Dark Angel and suspect this to be the source of the problem.  On the other hand, I've never seen Alias and I like their lady

(Garner about a month ago in the choicest gown maker, Alberta Ferretti)
quite a bit.  But maybe that's because she reminds me of our fair and dimpled friend Leanne, in both manner and appearance, where as you and JALBA only look similar.)

Also, are we dressing like this one now:

(Alexa Chung in cute things, including a see-through
blouse I want but pretty much already own)
That is not a questions.  It seems like we are.  I'm kind of hoping we're not (she's usually so downcast, no?), but I do appreciate her wears and layers and she is smiling here and is likely charming in person and I want many of her Madewell goods

Plus, as Refinery29 so astutely pointed out, Alexa C. kind of started the ombre hair trend, which I totally owe/adore her for, because I've been sporting two-tone hair for the past year and now I know it's allowed.  It might even look good!  Phew. Please don't go away lazy/cheap person's hair trend; I need you, even if sometimes you're abused by others.  That doesn't make all of us wrong.

J. Benny

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