Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Make Me Happy, Late Night (Not So Mixy) Mixtape: Talbots

Dear Kristin,
Are you telling me you don't want a little bit of this action?

Or a hint of her:

(Okay, so who wouldn't want a hint of whatever this face is wearing?)
In fact, to heck with a little.  I want all.  And you know what?  I SHOULD!  Because, as it turns out, I'm beginning to fancy old Talbots for a reason.  They want me to.  They want us (the youngsters) to rethink what we knew about the brand, to forgive it as we did J. Crew, to learn to love it as we did/do the new Gap (this, at least, is my guess).  Because how great is the Gap now?  Great!  And how terrible was it five years ago?  Terrible.

I rather like this news.  Not because we'll ever be able to afford this, shoes or $250 skirt:
But because I like pictures and I get their catalogue in the mail.  Which is because Talbots is my grandma's favorite store and I buy her scarves there.

J. Benny

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