Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Kristin, Your First Mixtape

Dear Kristin,
You're right. This is/will be easier. Now we can share all our inner and outer most secrets on the internet.

Here's a secret: When I first introduced this to you two days ago, I believe you thought I was joking. Well, I wasn't. It's mind blowingly delicious.  Close your eyes if you can't separate the video from the voice, but hot holy hell, I love this man-child.  The name's Diamond Rings and he's already important to me:

The almost glowing, florescent makeup! The green screen! The off-putting dance moves! The 90s! They are as back as can be – think Buffy in leather pants,

chunky knits Claire Danes (okay, Angela Chase) would be happy to hide under,

and camel coats and blazers in slightly oversized, easy (read: ill-fitting) forms.

That's Chloe, Fall RTW 2010, found on

And you know where this is headed. That's right, Elaine Benes wear:

Or make that Seinfeld style, because all of these folks are looking pretty good to me.  And, as it turns out, The New York Times agrees!  Hooray forvalidation!  I only discovered this article while picture-hunting, which is neither here nor there, but it does (probably, I haven't read it) make me feel important and on-the-cusp and hungry for floral prints.  Here's what I'm thinking: this is the old 90s with a dash of some newfound irreverence and (hopefully) a world more body-consciousness. I mean, we're still living out the Herve Leger bondage dress.

Which makes me feel sort of oh, well.  But at least I don't have to worry too much about clothing's future.  And, anyway, I kinda love the chunky and the tan and the leather and the layered. It wouldn't be here if I didn't (although I could give or take - or really just give - the bandage dress). But I'm still on a mission to dress for me. 

I'm done with frumpy-for-fashion's-sake.  Or at least that's the hope. And, nineties or no nineties, I think we need these:

They're Forever21

Now back to the beginning, Sade-inspired beats (smooth, trip-hoppy, almost complex elevator tunes):

Do we like this? It's our Bon Iver boy, Justin Vernon. Does that change things for us? Do we inevitably like it by virtue of our already wanting to marry him (Vegas-style, to be annulled when/if necessary)? I will now create a comments sections for your feedback and general enjoyment.


J. Benny

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