Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Have Seen Bruce

Dear Mom,
I hate to get all posty*, but what I wouldn't do to see this man in concert:

I have such affection for this.  
(The audience's Bruuu-ce always initially strikes fear in my heart - so much like a crazy person's "boo")
I mean The Boss, but Fallon as Neil Young is also a winning performer.  I just.  I would buy their joke song were it available on iTunes.  Happily and rightly.  Because Bruce is the very best, here and damn near everywhere.  I think we should go see him.  We are talking you and me, a Mom and J. Benny event for the ages:

I enjoy that everyone in the band/background pretty much knows they're having the best Late Night experience of their collective lives.  Jimmy Fallon has wet himself.  I would pay half a month's rent to see Bruce live.  Happily and Rightly. 

J. Benny

Bruce and planes.  Also, Edward Norton is in love:

If it were easier, maybe it wouldn't have been as hard. 

*Posty, as in, this video has been posted everywhere.

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