Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Pretty Much Been Too Long

Dear Kristin,
Some very good things are a-brewin':

I've purchased my tickets for the 10:40 on Friday at Union Square.  
Buy tonight.  They're selling like hot Harry Potter cakes.

(Brewing.  Ha.  You get is?  BREWINGasinwitchesandwizards).  At this point, it's more than just Harry Potter story-affection, movie-anticipation.  It's the kiddos:

Emma is in Rafael Lopez
One of whom, if not all of whom, I will never not support: 

Because he is the man.

Also, I don't think I'm going to stream the US Harry Potter premiere live, but I cannot promise I won't. On the other hand, I can promise you that I'll be at Back Forty tomorrow night for $3 sliders and fancy $5 fruity cocktails. This, of course, you should consider attending. Pretty much everyone should consider attending such a happy hour. Happy hours.  Because it LASTS ALL NIGHT.

Moving on to old stuffs:

Clemence Poesy in Chanel with an Olympia Le Tan clutch.
 I tricked you!  More Harry Potter.  But it's the bag I'm referring to, based, as you may have noticed, on A Tale As Old As Time.
 I might head on over to Bookmarc for the price point.  Care to join?  Maybe we can take 
free professional holiday photos at Marc Jacobs after.  It's a tradition.  Happy holidays to us!

It is what I want for Christmas.  Also, as you know, I've been very hard at work, burning the midnight oil, making virtual holiday collages at Polyvore.  I have not collected my winnings yet (regarding The Bergdorf holiday window contest, details to be found in the post prior).
It's a bag!  (Carryall  by MsJBenny.)

They have not yet announced me as their winner.  Weird.  But, thankfully, that's soon to change, as their real-life retail competition has already begun to present their windows to the world and BG will no doubt feel the pressures of timeliness:

The competition.  Henri Bendel's spirited window.
It's.  A  mouse.  A wee mouse. It's also my favorite of the photo bunch, though perhaps a little small-scaled.

I want more sparkle. 
On the larger hand, this is nice and appropriately Nutcracker themed, if not earth shatteringly lovely. It's rather plain and pretty and would probably be kinda great if set to subversive holiday music.  Let's make music our Christmas cheer:

Our Concerts - A Reminder:
  • Grouplove at Bowery Ballroom November 16th.  That is Tuesday.  Shall we?
  • Lykki Li will be at (le) poisson rouge December 1st.  We must.
  • The Walkmen are playing at Terminal 5 on December 2nd.  Still undecided due to venue.  Poodles, because  I do love them.
  • Diamond Rings on Dec 4 (Glasslands) and Dec 6 (Mercury Lounge).  DIAMOND RINGS!
  • Bonnie Prince Billy on Dec 8th at Town Hall.
  • Phosphorescent will be at Bowery Ballroom on Dec. 10th.
  • Darlings at Cake Shop on Dec. 12th.
  • S. Carey Dec 13th at Highline Ballroom  w/ White Hinterland 

Also, we missed Deer Tick last week (darn us).  Also, I want this job.  Also, I may go part time at school next semester.  Also, news!

This post makes me feel like a teenage girl again, a big fan of fandom and glitter.

J. Benny

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