Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Me Happy Mix: Welcome Back, Me

Dear Kristin,
I felt mopey yesterday:

 I see a darkness.  (I mean, look how unimpressed I am in that second picture.  Puh-leese.)

Can you tell?  Maybe it was because, the night before, I stayed up until the early AM taking pictures of shadows:

Night Moves.

Just kidding.  I obviously loved that.  I also love this:

Design me.  Bergdorf's Holiday Window Challenge beginning on Nov. 5th at Polyvore

IT'S A CONTEST.  I adore a friendly contest, especially one with a little money on the line ($2,500 at Bergdorf's for the best mock holiday, day-tripping inspired window on Polvore) and much BG browsing.  I've never used this Polyvore site, but I do recall your showing it to me and, seriously, what fun might we have with this silly project?  Much fun.  Join me?

So, here's what they mean by day-tripping:

Not your every day mini-break. Le Voyage dans la Lune, inspiration from the contest's website.

And here are some thoughts from my preliminary scouting last weekend, while Jackson (kindly) chauffeured me from the Kansas City airport to Springfield. MO:

Alassandra Rich, Spring 2011, available at Harrods in London

Orange Julep, a Montreal classic.

I mean, My God.  This is pretty.  Left to right: Celine, Marc Jacobs, two stacked Vanessa Bruno, Loewe, Alberta Ferretti

Hug me!  Lou Doillion in Vanessa Bruno

Arthur Bryant's meat. I ordered the Burnt Ends sandwich.  This is not my sandwich.

None of these are really usable, though, seeing as the clothing was torn almost exclusively* from November's Elle (one of the best darn issues of any magazine I've sifted through in some time), one is audio, another a moving sartorial picture, then Montreal, and the last some Kansas City BBQ (the likes of which I enjoyed at a pre-airport pit stop at Arthur Bryant's)

I'm also toying with this:

Illustration from The Story of the Vivian Girls by Henry Darger, whom Wikipedia's first sentence about describes as "a reclusive American writer and artist who worked as a custodian in Chicago, Illinois."   Day-tripping.
But that might be because I'm hoping to see this man's work (Henry Darger's) at the Folk Museum on Friday (free from 5:30-7:30).

J. Benny

P.S.  Night Moves:

* Not really true anymore, but I was a bit too worn out to change the phrasing by the time my collage was all said and done.

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