Friday, November 19, 2010

No Nonsense Mix: Straight to Yulia

Dear Yulia,
A few things, only the first of which will be Harry Potter related (10:40 tonight):

Rupert Grint nails it.  Everyone else is little bit faux country/Italian-American mobster, which is still American, but not American newscaster.  And I want the newscaster; southern's just too easy to mimic (mimic being the key word, because none of the above would pull one over a native(ish) Texan.  Except maybe Tom Felton.  He is almost convincing.  Odd that they all struggled with mozzarella sticks.)

The other good thing about Harry Potter - if I hadn't been looking for an embed code to the above video, I never would have found the below video, which is really just as charming:

I kind of like this Josh Horowitz for MTV guy.  The accomplished actor is pretty fine, too.  Moving on to grandmas

And engagement rings:

That's Meena's hand on the bottom left. 
Vote for MY GOOD FRIEND MEENA.  Who is now, by the way, engaged.  (Her hand is now tied with Kate Middleton's for first on

And Yulia:

I like this song and the girl in the swollen helmet and filmy dress.

And The National's expanded High Violet:

J. Benny

P.S.  Ryan Adams has a new double disc of old, unreleased stuffs from his Ryan Adams & The Cardinals sessions long ago.  The first released song is just okay.  Is it any wonder, though?  He's blows through music.  But, on the other hand and probably because of this, there will no doubt be some wonderful tracks.  I guess I still love him.  He doesn't make it easy, though.

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