Monday, November 22, 2010

Since Friday , Good Things

Dear Kristin,
 You can image my complicated feelings upon see this headline on New York Magazine's last seventy-hour activity tab.  Complicated, because it's a joy and joy is uncomplicated but it's also a fear, because they better not hurt my Buffy.  She is only be honored.

Also, I didn't win the fun and silly Bergdorf contest.  And it makes sense.  Did I honor this extravagance as I might have:

My pictures.   Taken but a few days ago from 5th Avenue

Maybe no.  Because it is awesome and pretty and I just made baby collages.

Also, this is a lovely song I heard today in 9th Street Espresso, the lyrics of which I wrote on my hand so as to be able to google it later.  This is what people without smart phones do.  The they write lyrics on the palm of their hands in blue ink.

Finally, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is magnificent and dark. I will be seeing it again at IMAX following the Thanksgiving holiday. You may join me.  Please.

Finally-finally, I am leaving early a.m. tomorrow for a little ARkansas town with spotty internet.  You shan't see me again until Saturday.

J. Benny

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