Friday, November 19, 2010

Whoa, Ryan

Dear Kristin,
I'm all not posting and then I'm all posting all the time.  I know it takes away from the overall affect of this sharing blog of ours.  Too much share.  But this is important:

I'm stuck.  I'll never get over him, never move on; it's like I'm a teenager and he's an overly serious, long, long-distance high school relationship.  It's a tortured relationship (between me and Ryan's discography), but it's a real one.  I can't give up on that and then, of course, there's this (recording). There's always something of this in him.  I suppose I wouldn't change the Ryan that's got access to this, even if he's also the Ryan that makes jokey metal albums and quits music every now and again and is a frequent mope.

J. Benny

P.S.  Today is my day:

P.P.S.  And Oh Good Heavens.  Kathleen covering Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown).  My.  Day.


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  1. This just made my morning. Thank you, J. Benny. I would actually really love to see Ryan & Mandy in concert together? Does that make me lame?

    It might, but boy is it true.