Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top Five Fall to Winter Jackets

Dear Kristin,
We do not need any more leather jackets:

Oak jacket, featured on Refinery29's Top 20
Do not need. Do not need. Do not need.

This severe coaty, however, we might need:

Bracken Coat, found at BB Dekota, $110

And this little coaty is a cutey:

Fancy, yes?  Flutter Buttoned Coat, $198
 And this little coaty is on sale:

Asos Festival Hooded Coat, $75
 And this little coaty is discounted greatly but, shame, remains far out of our respective price range: 

Swing Pea Coat by Boy from Band of Outsiders, $609 sale price
I'm dropping the "coaty" affect now.  In favor of practicality - and this Uniqlo men's pea coat is nothing if not practical (and wonderfully water-resistant and full of understated sass).  We must purchase.  In a navy, XS, waxed:

Price somewhat unknown, around $70, and available at the SoHo flagship
Also, and I know I've now featured six coats, but one was a Refinery29 pick, so that doesn't count, and another was upwards of $600 on sale, so that's a dream and a wash, meaning I have one more pick left.

And I pick H&M:

From left to right: $149, $60, $80
I cheated.  Because I HAD to.  Who am I to choose between such toppers as these?  I'm a nobody, a nothing.  I am not God, Kristin.  I'm just a girl with a blog that occasionally people in Germany and the Netherlands read.  (That's three hits in the last month from these faraway lands, which is a lot to me, little ol' J. Benny, writing missives to her dear Kristin in a public forum).  I hope these look as refined and imposing in person.  H&M advertises well and it has me a bit concerned that what we see here may not be what we get there.   But what if it is?  This winter shall be a winter of many coats.


J. Benny

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