Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parisian Nutshell (a top twelve) and How To Dress Well

Dear Kristin,
Let's tackle that How To Dress Well promise first, because it's a wee bit deceptive of me, fashion-oriented as this blog so often is:

It's a band, How To Dress Well, and they have a nice song to play while browsing my much abbreviated favorites during the rest of Paris.  So behind am I with this final fashion week that you will likely have to do without my collages.  Boo.  Sad-face.  Or not?  Maybe you'll love my nutshell.

Valentino, under their still newish leadership, is perhaps even more appealing to me than ever:

Freja Beha Erichson, my girl
Alexander Mcqueen, our first show of his without his designs:


I love that this is black and yellow (pastel banana!) and she looks nothing like a bee.
Elie Saab was the first of these shows to really tempt me into breaking my no-collage vow:

It's all this beautiful.
A doll's makeup at Miu Miu (though I wasn't crazy about either of Miucci Prada's sartorial efforts this season):

Yvew Saint Laurent's separates.  Texture, I want:

Stella McCartney showed sexy thigh-high double slits (that, while I enjoyed them appearance-wise, I know I'd be annoyed with after a few minutes of walking, the middle strip of fabric caught between one's legs like a sad, backwards tail), but it was the following nutty look that really made me smile.  I'd wear and love this forever:


Chloe's icy glows:

Celine featured my new favorite leather top and blue pant combo:

Never enough leather tanks/blue trouser combos
Viktor & Rolf tails!

Comme de Garcon's jacket, length and form:

And Louis Vuitton, oddly enough (because I wasn't much of fan of Marc Jacobs's other collections this season), was probably my favorite of Paris's second act (the first act was a tie between Dries Van Noten and Lanvin).  So much to cheer about.  It's not as though there weren't other collections featuring such color and swing - it's just that Louis did it best.  You know what?  To heck with the vow.

Ahhh, that's better.

J. Benny

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