Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Aid Kit

Dear Kristin,
A joy:

First Aid Kit, live at Public Assembly (free!)

They played a cappella, the played with a drummer, they played without a drummer, the played without mics, they played with mics, and they play superbly.  Don't believe me?  (I mean, you do, because I'm not a liar and we're best friends, but just play along with the setup).  Here's a bit of proof via the Fleet Foxes cover:

My first video for the blog!  Happy, happy.

As well as a Fever Ray ditty:

(Sorry about the snippets; I was running low on memory and wasn't sure how much she (the camera) could handle.) 

I rest my case.  They're lovely and glow like angels. 

J. Benny

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