Saturday, October 2, 2010

Make Me Happy Mix

Dear Kristin,
How I miss you.

I cannot count how many times I gotten the shivers while watching this video (though I could do without the biceps).

I never made you that Townes CD. Bad, J Benny.

Just thought you needed these. You should probably be here today - the weather, the sun, we all miss you.

And, now, the evolution of a fall outfit:


Shirt slightly bloused out (forever21), urban outfitter leather jacket,
target nighty (as dress.skirt), H&M over-the-knees, and vintage oxfords

I'm buying these: 

Wedge all-weather winter boot on sale from Sperry for $65 and suede wedge from on sale for $25

But I bought this:
 Olive army-type jacket?  Check.  Purchased from the East Village flee market for $30 
(and Renee, the nice man in charge of the back right stand, even threw in a floral scarf!). 

It's a little "you took the smallest part of you and made it huge," so:

And I discovered these for us:

From for $65.  I say we buy them in a medium so they're a little loose,  although
I'm even considering a large - I want something a little baggy, a la yesterday's Dries Van Noten.

That is all.

J. Benny

P.S.  Nevermind, that is not all.  Both Roland Mouret and Lanvin were also lovely yesterday:

Again, thought you should know (Roland Mouret and Lanvin, quite complementary, yes?).

Collage (hopefully) to come.  Time willing.  I mean, do you even like these collages?  I suppose I do them for myself (as inspiration boards via screensaver), but would you rather just get one picture - one standout piece?  But it's so very hard to choose just one and, really, great collections must be sampled (because they so often evolve as the looks progress). Oh, dear.  To collage or not to collage?  It's one of those life-haunting questions.

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