Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marc Jacobs

Dear Kristin,
He gave us permission to have fun with it:

Staid color.  Less staid collar.

It is not exactly my brand of fun, or the way I'll be doing it, but it did make me feel bright.   I smiled.  First thing in the morning, a smile and my coffee.

 The 90s could not be more back.  And for some reason that delights me, at least at Marc Jacobs.  Again, though, I will not be doing this.  I will be doing a version of the 90s, but it shan't be this one.

And what I would do, the tops:

And my reaction notes to the whole collection: Pseudo-lady-like, separates, hip-bones at the ready, pantless, mod and modern, jester meets jailbird, that kook, big disorienting prints, and the truly bare midriffs of the 90s.
I realize there are some glaring omissions in the above visuals.  WHERE IS THE PANTLESSNESS?  More hip-bone!  More kook!  Thankfully, is here to answer all your most pressing questions.


Note: I shall forever prefer no pants to wearing skirts over pants. 

J. Benny

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