Saturday, September 29, 2012

I've Been Meaning to, Wes Gordon

Dear Kristin,
I've been meaning to show you Wes Gordon, because he doesn't get enough play and because we both fell in love with him a few seasons ago.

It's maybe not the Wes we fell for two years ago, but he and his clothes were younger then and so were we, and this is a damn decent Wes.  Maybe even the best Wes.  Love a punch-in-the-face red, especially when that red is a jumpsuit, but it's the separate-ness of all four I appreciate most.  These are grab and go pieces, but they have a distinct top and bottom thing going for them.  They look like separates that go together but aren't boring.  (The third look actually is, obviously.)  Anyway, I like that.  I'm easy to please.  Rich separates.

J. Benny

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