Monday, September 10, 2012

Alex Wang: Can We?

Dear Kristin,
I had a reaction.  That's always the goal for me with these fashion things.  Do I care?  I cared for Alexander Wang.  The thing is, will this caring do us any favors?  Will this collection?  It's simple of me, but you remember my most recent sartorial resolution--which was maybe more of a revelation than a resolution--I want to wear close that flatter.  That make me look good.  And maybe it would be one thing if I could afford tons of Alexander Wang pieces, or any designer pieces for that matter, but I cannot.  I can only afford the High Street shops they inspire and perhaps one or two of the originals onces they hit the sales.  The point I'm making here is this: I was taken by the show, but I'm not quite sure I like what the success of this little number:

will do to the likes of Zara.  Not least of all because the knockoff will have to look cheap, but because you're made to look as though you're almost drowning in it.  My thighs and bum do not drown.  I'm not sure anyone who's not a size 0 can drown.  The above was my favorite look of those I shouldn't touch.  (And I may go for it anyway.)  There were others that would do worse to me, but this is the only one I really, really want.  And good heavens those shoes.  He's always so great with the accessories:

That picture makes me think I need more shoes and bags.

Lies!  But that's the point, no?

He's also just wonderful at coats.  That might be The Thing I took away from this shows: coats to want.  It's not been as warm here as it is/was there, so I suspect I may be a little more up for it.  Or, rather, it's not a tough mindset for me to get into.  I need me a coat.  Here are my favorites from the entire collection, three of which contain coats and all of which happen to be ones that will flatter and/or hint at a flattering shape beneath.

Click on me so I can get big.

This blogging was a great way to start my day, pre-work blogging.  I am refreshed.  There's a long day of internet ahead of me, but I am refreshed.  That's always the best part about the beginning of Fashion Month--how exciting it all can be.  You're not tired of it yet.  And if you are tired, a glow-in-the-dark finale is just around the corner:

J. Benny

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