Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yesterday's Goods

Dear Kristin,


Monique Lhuillier.  Best dress yet.


My deep love of Altuzarra continues.


And a new Prabal Gurung fondness blooms.  Click to enlarge!  All photos from


Best coats yet.  From left: two  Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Prabal Gurung

That is all for now.

J. Benny

P.S.  Except to say that, besides those two coats from him, I had a really hard time believing Alexander Wang's recent collection. There was a hot ski instructor vibe toward the middle that I thought fun, though impractical, and I almost bought into a dark burgundy leather mini with nearly invisible tribal* print detail, but ultimately couldn't.  It felt ready for Kate Bosworth, and while I love Kate Bosworth and wish I dressed like her every day, she's but one type of girl.  The very tiny downtown starlet kind.  And that feels like a niche group to me.  I actually enjoyed the tribal shapes in general, except that they often came down the run way looking like this:

I can't.
*Tribal looking, but not actually tribal.  Actually stadium seating maps.  So, okay, that's cool.  Also, how much do I love that he picked up on my WHITE POINTY PUMPS thing.  I love it so much, because we know it really is going to be a thing now. 

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