Monday, September 12, 2011

Derek Lam in the Details

Dear Kristin,
Derek Lam started strong and ended stronger.  The final third looked something like this:

But four of the last thirteen looks

Sold.  But it's not my favorite collection.  It was strong from start to finish, but it wasn't altogether fresh.  The final thirteen, classic.  Surprising classics, not repetitive classics.  Which, by the way, was not a problem during the first half of the show either.  All the looks read like new classics, but not all of them felt as complex/detailed/present as they might.  I don't mean busy, just refreshing.  They were timeless, but not quite hard working enough.  Just good looking clothes.  Which is nice!  But not great!  If they'd all come down as well considered as the last chunk, this might have been The Show.  But thirteen does not a show make.  Accessories, though, can nearly make a show.  And these Lam provided to splendid effect throughout:


J. Benny

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