Thursday, September 8, 2011

Follow, the Look

Dear Kristin,
I asked, "how much new music?"  
You said, "all of it."  
Instead, two songs.  Only the best for my girl:

 Coincidentally from Brighton

Thanks, Metronomy!  Speaking of looks!  New York fashion week has just begun, meaning the internet's fashion month has just begun.  It's a little bit like fortune telling, our first basic taste of Spring, 2012:

The early prediction I liked best.  Jenni Kayne, Spring 2012.  Pictures from
It's not going to change your world, this one.  But we must start slow, ready ourselves for the more complicated stuff.  This is the way fashion week works.  The first day, always, I'm worried.  I like what I see above, but I'm not moved, my heart is not raining Jenny confetti. But it will.  Faith!  In the meantime, this is my favorite from Thursday*, a collection from Jenni Kayne that's uncomplicated and very wantable and a swell introduction to slightly rethinking things.  Tweaking.  Longer lengths, an upright posture, that hint of slouchiness.  Jason Wu stuff, no?  Soft structure with a playful, almost boyish lean.  Only this time it's not your actual boyfriend's blazer, it's your mom's.  I'm not sure I need my pants to swallow my shoes, but I do like the late nineties, Manolo Blahnik/Carrie Bradshaw look of those silver sandals in the middle.  I want a pair in red.

And how.

J. Benny

*Thursday at 6 pm EST.  I am off to bed, thank you.

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