Saturday, February 26, 2011

As the girls pass before me

Dear Kristin,
Please enjoy this new song from The Walkmen (unreleased B-side from Lisbon) while examining my fashion week findings.  Only the very best for you, of course:

And my belated top five* from New York's Fall 2011 fashion week.  
Please do click to enlarge.  The bigger, the prettier.

The good:

Prabal Gurung, Fall 2011

Gets better:

The sweet sway of Prabal Gurung's leather

All around:

The orange sun comes over alone.  Peter Som, Fall 2011

Whistle in my ear:

Rodarte's Kansas.  God, that red.  And those neck lines.  I've never loved them so.

Shape, shapes:

Preen Fall 2011 pleases me.  I'm not sure they've ever pleased me more.

Stuck on a winning streak:

Jason Wu nails it.  Again.

Ah, lyric love.  It's very sixteen of me, no? I don't think it really works, honestly, but this is a quick post, eye candy.  It tastes delicious.

J. Benny

P.S.  *Seven if you count Naeem Khan and Wes Gordon, as you must.  And now I wonder which handful of looks you, my tiny readership, love most.  Do share.

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