Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Naeem Khan, are you shitting me?

Dear Kristin,
I'm a little peeved at Naeem Khan this season.  The plan, you see, was to cover NY fashion week, the very best shows, to whittle said shows down to four/five looks per designer.  Manicured, economical, and punched-in-the-gut-pretty.  As in, I hoped to feature a few looks that, together, would pack a breath of fresh punch.  That would make you feel so good you'd just want to sing and pee from excitement.  One grand post with a handful (or two) of inspired looks. 

Anyway, no designer has proven problematic thus far.  They've all been rather fine.  Nice.  Job well done.  Naeem Khan, on the other hand:

His genius is especially obvious to me in that third number.  It's not my favorite of the bunch, but I think it pretty much solidifies for me why Naeem K. is on of the best designers around.  He doesn't stop at the bodice.  That could easily be a basic two piece (Jason Wu, who also put out a swell collection, might have done it that way).  But Naeem K takes the embellishment a step further - a dress, gold flowering down the leg.  And he stays almost understated while doing it.

Oh, J. Benny, you say.  Calm down.  That is four.  Please learn how to count.

And to you I say, trueOf course.  Those were the best four of his first twenty looks.  But he showed forty.  You see where this is going:


He does Jason Wu blue as good as Jason Wu.  He does Marchesa as floaty as Marchesa (minus the possibly unwelcome Muppet feel).  And he does Erdem splash as darkly as Erdem.

Erdem at right.  My favorite look from a collection that left me feeling disappointed and blah besides.

Plus, he does the best Caftans around:

J. Benny

P.S.  Did you miss me? 

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  1. I missed you on here and I missed you out there