Saturday, January 7, 2012

Punch Something Day

Dear Kristin,
Yesterday, I wanted to punch something.  I spent all of today recovering from wanting to punch something yesterday.  I didn't have a good reason--it wasn't even raining.  It was just Punch Something Day. The day before, though, that was a bright beauty of a day.  I wore my Eiffel Tower necklace and tucked in a soft t-shirt:

Simple: Old Gap v-neck, Uniqlo blazer, Earnest Sewn Harlan jeans, Urban mules, gifted Eiffle tower.
This is what I should have worn on Punch Something Day.  Because it's a winner!  A giant Eiffel Tower necklace!  A soft t-shirt!  But I didn't.  Still, there was a song that made things a tiny bit better (before Jackson and I headed to my favorite restaurant where I drank a Manhattan and a Sidecar and a French 75).  It'll be part of my year's 25 bests, but perhaps it cannot wait.  Perhaps you're having a Punch Something Day and need it now.  And so here we are:

It's been awhile since I liked him this much.

J. Benny

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