Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion Mixtape: Tom Ford, Wu for Target, High Hopes/Lovely Ladies

Dear Kristin,
Let's indulge in a little self-love, shall we?


I mean, we probably all talk about ourselves this much.  And I'm sure he's being asked self-related questions during the interview portion.  It's the cocking of the eyebrows that's the issue.  The baths and the "I talk to them sometimes."  He loves it.  And by "it" I mean Tom Ford. Which, I get?  Of course?  Man can design.  But that still just makes him a pompous ass who designs beautiful things. Not even an intriguing pompous ass who designs beautiful things and dresses only in black and white.  Just another besuited ass.

Not my best piece of Paint work.  Good Wu, though.  Jason Wu's best Target bags, in stores Feb 9.  Via Target.

Does Jason Wu suffer from Fordian self-love?  Does it matter?  The man can design and designs for Target, design for us.  And that seems to be enough for me.  There's the expected stuff--flirty-prim dresses, sheer blouses, modish-prim dresses--but it's the bags that standout most.  There's a timelessness to them.  A timeless beigeness to them, sure, but that's Tom Ford's issue, not ours.  I'd even go so far as to use the term "easy chic."  Corny but true.

Here's what I'm most excited about though:

I want this for us. Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams in Chanel at the Critic's Choice Movie Awards.  Lainey photo.

This girl.  The more I stare at this dress, the more lovely and fresh it becomes.  Which seems impossible--the freshness--because it also reminds me of vintage Audrey Hepburn.  It, too, is classic.  But it, too, has a modern easiness about it.  The shape is wonderfully flattering without being sexed up or restrictive.   She can sit down in this.  Cross her legs in this.  She can very carefully eat a condiment-free hotdog in this.  It's as perfect for champagne flute-holding and award clutching as it is for the best friend hugging and screaming that comes after winning said award.  Busy Phillips to her left there, by the way--Busy Phillips of Our Show--is Michelle's best friend and date for the evening.  DATE.  They go on glittery, fancy dates to glittery, fancy awards shows together.  And they do this all the time.

The Help girls looking great.  This is one  hell of a group shot.
Jessica Chastain in Balenciaga, Emma Stone in Gucci, and Viola Davis in Raoul

These ladies will all be attending The Globes tonight, and if their past sartorial efforts are any indication of what we can expect, we're in for something enviably pretty.  Do you remember how excited I was last year*?  How I nearly cried when your new TV in your new apartment stopped functioning?  Tears in my eyes.  And then you helped me find an online stream.  So nice.  I'm not proud of how much I look forward to these awards.  They have nothing to do with me.  I care about my movies and shows and fake friends (The Artist, Episodes, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastian, constant joy Dame Maggie Smith, and all the residents of Downton), but I'm almost often disappointed by the winners.  Still, there's so much hope!  Before!  So much dressing up!  So much giddiness, fidgetiness, quiet enthusiasm!  And crazy enthusiasm!  Sometimes the winners even end up being real people, people who are so happy to be awarded big awards for doing a good job.  It's a happy place!  Tonight, sadly, I will under no circumstances be awake for all or even half of the actual awards ceremony, as it starts at 1 am GMT and I am a wee bit under the weather.  But The Carpet--for The Carpet, I'll be wide awake, drinkin herbal tea and takin screenshots.

J. Benny

*May have been two years ago, may have been the Oscars.

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