Friday, December 30, 2011

Warms the heart

Dear Kristin,
I know how you feel about her voice, but it's his silent shrug-giggle at the end that makes it worth the watching and rewatching:

We want this to be a true, true love.  At least for  the day.

Of course you've already seen this by now.  After all, it's been on the internet for two days.  Over 2 million views in two tiny days.  Today's news is now and forever yesterday's news. I like to think it doesn't matter, though.  That this duet will last, that we'll be here this time next year and every year thereafter.  Is that too warm-hearted for your blood?  I'd hug you if you were here.  Make you talk about yourself and be all sensitive.  It's just the mood I'm in.  You'd hate/love it.

I'm doing one of these this year:

 Woody Guthrie's New Year Rulins.  Found on Lists of Note, a site that's worth hours of your attention.

I don't usually. We were probably seventeen the last time I even made an attempt.  But this year I'm going to give it a go, treating it more like a 2012 to-do list.  Another one of my top tens.  I'm out of school, jobless.  I need to at least be checking things list off, things I can do myself while submitting to jobs and journals. I'm still in the fine-tuning stages, but perhaps I'll share a few of the less ridiculous ones once I'm done. 

And there will be another Songs for the New Year, Courtesy of the Old Year.  On that you can rely.

J. Benny

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