Monday, November 28, 2011


Dear Kristin,
These fellas, they really make it happen for me:

Today is the day I began thinking about the year's favorites--album, song, new band--and I'm not sure it got any better this year than Girls.  I'm going to give it a good hard think, because I'm a forgetful gal and because I like to organize and make lists for crossing off and checking and general future reference.  Forgetful, not fickle.  And with Spotify (thank you for forcing Spotify on me) so much of that I love is collected onto so many easily accessed playlists--around thirty album playlists and a few mixes.  (Do you want my Christmas mix?  It's still cooking, but should be ready for mass consumption soon.)  Meaning it's harder for me to forget.  And this Girls album is nothing to sneeze at.  It's great.  It just may not be Kanye West great or Tha National great, but it could hold it's own in any year.  Still, I'm not quite convinced this year has stacked up to last.  But I did I have this same feeling last year?  And is that a sign that perhaps there's something off with me--impossibly high hopes, so much looking forward to--rather than the music. The music which is great:

I actually meant to post this video weeks ago, because it brings me such joy.  (And that's to say nothing of the song itself--which brings me impossible joy.) And I thought, not only must I share, but I must count the ways in which I love:

1.  this boy is in a crop top, hands on hips, sassin' us
2.  he's so grabby and goofy and then there's the hair flip
3.  oh, God, his "come here babe, take a ride"--it's the most ridiculous
4.  seat dancing, like Charlotte D. would
5.  FIREWORKS.  he's in love and it's fireworks.
6.  and then his band is waiting for him in the woods!
7.  Brady Bunch screens.

The above kept me from sharing this sweet morsel.  Because enumerating takes time!  But it's ten minutes!  I get to replay my song, focusing on the best bits, but the effort!  Come on, JB.  It was very wrong of me to withhold the joy.  Laziness is so much evil and Girls are too good.

J. Benny

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