Sunday, May 8, 2011

Me, lately

Dear Mom,
Look what I did:

I found a way to wear your kooky 80s sweater in NY's fickle-weathered spring.  I cut off and disposed of the shoulder pads, obviously.  And it is now my new favorite sweater.  It's helped me shake things up a bit.

I'm not exactly wearing the same thing everyday.  Not exactly.  But it's a bit like six conversations about the same thing.  A lot of navy, many a thick strapped platform, at least two different but very similar Earnest Sewn ankle crop jeans.  Both of which I purchased on Gilt for about $70.  Thank heavens.

Other points of interest:
That first look in the collage I wore yesterday; the dress I purchased last summer from secret store Shareen Vintage on my first visit; the top is Gap, circa 2001, and the shoes are oldish Pierre Hardy for Gap.

The next look features some capsule-collection work, too.  The dress is Costello Tagliapietra for Uniqlo (their first collection) and platform wedges by Cynthia Vincent for Target.  Wrap-around belt from Shareen Vintage.

The top portion of the following outfit, the third in the collage, is all Uniqlo (jacket is a Jil Sander collaboration).

Then we have Kristin's blue button-up bowling shirt and braided belt worn flipped, tan side (as opposed to gaudier gold side) out.

The fifth outfit features a navy version of the pink Urban Outfitters cardigan of my second outfit (on sale, $20) and a cream Victorian-themed turtleneck blouse which once belonged to my good friend Jamie T but now belongs to me.  Because I stole it.  At a clothing swap.  All's fair.

Boyfriend's aviators, lost in Houston, and a pin that once belonged to my grandma.
Finally, my three-year-old leather Urban jacket, Kristin's bowling shirt, my dad's old Levi's cut to 90s highwaisted short-shorts, a vintage Coach belt from the Brooklyn flea, and Gap city flats.  The perfect ballet flats, inspired by the original perfect ballet flat.

I made no mention of my Urban Outfitters flatforms in the above:

But here they are, on my feet.  As promised three posts ago.  And I'm no one if not a girl of my word.  (Very comfortable, though the straps have stretched out a bit, not least of all because I was once caught in the rain while wearing them.  Anyway, Urban restocked online but are reselling out fast, in case you're wondering and wanting.  They're down to just the black.)

J. Benny

P.S.  Dear Kristin, I miss you.  Come back from Houston now, please.  New York really kicks ass without you.  (Imaginary tip of the hat.  IMAGINARY HOOK HANDS.)

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