Saturday, May 7, 2011

A good day for dress

Dear Kristin,
I couldn't be more pleased with the showing at last Monday's McQueen-dedicated Met Gala.  I wanted something to cheer about, and I found twenty somethings to cheer about.  So, without further (or really any) fanfare, a scroll-down of my twenty favorites, in very particular order, smallest love to greatest.  Notice, though, that they are all loves.

20.  Kirstin Dunst in Chanel.  It's black springy and very her and occasion appropriate, while still being damn cool. And she's sweet-faced.

19/18.  Ashley Greene in Donna Karan and Naomi Watts in Stella McCartney.  Loved: both in frosty, ethereal shimmer that, when paired with such ladies - ladies who might otherwise play it dark and safe - ends up feeling somewhat (thankfully) interesting and adult.
17.  Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane, the only short dress (on an adult) I fell for all evening.  Simple, demure funk.  With silver discs like scales and pockets like waves.

16.  Diane Kruger in Jason Wu with Jason Wu.  And leg!  Loved: the dress as distinct parts, the nude longsleeve top splattered with something like Grandma's buttons.  (Although somewhat less like Grandma's buttons up close.)  You know it's an exceptionally good night when a lovely Kruger doesn't make the top ten.

15.  Vera Wang.  In a Vera Wang. 1920s-style neon yellow.

14.  Madonna in Stella McCarnety.  She looks glamorous and fresh and almost fun again.  Star detail = fun.

13.  Emma Stone in Lanvin.  I've long enjoyed dresses made out of what may be luxury curtains/bedspreads/couch-covers.  And those lips.  Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips.

12.  Peter Sarsgaard & Maggie Gyllenhaal. The two of them, together, make this.  Although Stella McCartney helped.  As did the clean lines and clean sparkle and clean countenance.

11.  What?  Not a top ten?  I know.  Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein.  A lesson in refreshment.

10.  Lily Donaldson in Erdem.  Sleepwear made nightwear with a bold blue and Peter Pan collar.

9.  Sarah Jessica Parker in my only Alexander McQueen pick.  It's an understated McQueen.  Yes, I'd call this understated, simple McQueen.

8.  Bing!  Elle Fanning in Valentino.  Want to bring her home with me.  But that'd be kidnapping.

7.  The host, Anna Wintour, in Chanel.  Superhero Wintour in Superhero Chanel.

6.  A gal I hardly know holding my main squeeze Phillip Lim's hand.  Her name in Oh Land.  And this is the right way to wear basic white.  With long sleeves covered in yellow, protruding nubbins.

5.  Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors.  She's beginning to look a lot less like a model and a lot more like an actress.  And Michael Kors is beginning to look a lot less dated, ho-hum and a lot more like a figure flattering, body-con Calvin Klein.
4.  Model Chanel Iman in Dolce & Gabbanna. I wish I could direct you to a close up of this one.  There's so much to like, so much classic, expert embellishment.

3.  Kerry Washington in Escada, looking as beautiful as beautiful is capable of looking.  Beautiful.  It's a little 70s prom, no?  The dress has a tiny bit of sparkle to it, as does that minaudiere.  And I do love me some pink lips, big hair.  Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips.

2.  There was much debate about Rihanna in this Stella McCartney dress.  Actually, it was less debate and more hate.  People wanted more RIHANNA.  And I understand that. But she also looks sexy and gothic (friendly, modern gothic) and Met appropriate.  This was not her show; it was McQueen's.  And, further in her defense, she does appear almost nude on one side. That's a wee daring.  And her butt.  It's the roundest butt in town.  And the red fishtail and turquoise earrings.  The most.

1.  Gennifer Goodwin in, wait for it, Topshop.  Well, Topshop Unique.  But that's still Topshop.  
And it/she kicks ass.  From head to toe.

Love, J. Benny

P.S.  As far as designers are concerned, though, Stella McCartney was the clear winner here.  Girl's got gorgeous range.

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