Monday, March 7, 2011

A Catchy Tune

Dear Kristin,
Here is a song I wish I'd been listening to for the last sixteen years:

I can't beat myself up for not listening to Cut Copy in 1994.  Because they're a newish band and this is a very new song and it's not Cut Copy in general that I want in my 5th grade world.  It is this song, this song that accesses a forever-Jenny part of me.  And when I'm fifty-three, this Jenny part will still be there.  I will love this song forever.  It's a weird and wonderful mini-epiphany, to be listening to a song on repeat and, three-quarters of the way through your nineth listen, to realize: you'll enjoy this song for as long as you live.  As long as you live.  Because it plays to an essential, lasting part of yourself.  Your essential-Jenny-self. 

J. Benny

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  1. I can't wait to be best friends with 53 year old Jenny