Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Time of Year

Dear Kristin,
Holy cow, it is on: Hype Machine's 2010 Zietgeist, just in time for my bulk, year's end iTune purchase.  The plan, this year, is to buy five albums from folks I vaguely know and vaguely thrill me (though not enough to require an immediate purchase) or folks I vaguely know and never quite loved, not until they put out an album I could love (e.g. Deerhunter).  I have every intention of purchasing this recent Deerhunter, fleshing out my Phosphorescent, Girls, and Sharon Van Etten (I have half of their new CDs) and buying all of The Tallest Man on Earth's Wild Hunt.  But there's much that I'm tossing around (Radio Dept., Menomena,Wild Nothing, etc.).  I shall let you know what I discover.

In the meantime, I suspect and hope you'll enjoy this:

I love it very much.  It may just be my second favorite song of the year.  (The explicit version, of course.)

J. Benny

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