Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Like Happy, Mixtape

Dear Kristin,
A Colorado song for you.  It's not exactly Coloradan, but it is a song and it's for you and you're in Colorado. 

That's an old one, but spring's music has been very good.  I've been checked out for awhile, and then yesterday I wasn't and there was so much to listen to.  It took all night.  I did a lot of good, grateful shivering.  Wouldn't it me nice if 2012 were our year for music, if it really came through and I didn't need to talk about high hopes and dashed expectations and we could just be happy?  The following are some of the good things, but more particularly, some of the good things that made me think of Traveling Kristin:


Or something like happy.

J. Benny

P.S.  And then there's this.  Which doesn't work or fit with the rest, but I just have to tell you that it's on repeat.  I do a lot of belting out to this one.  Smooth belting. 

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