Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fashion Week: socks, lady detectives, kneecap boots, shiny

Dear Kristin,
It always looks a bit bleak at the beginning, but at least there are warm socks and heeled stomping boots.  At least there are semi-structured coats:

Victoria Beckham, good at coats.  I'll begin copying the socks tomorrow.  It may take two pairs.

The kind that do all the hard work of a good outfit, while what's underneath is essentially thermal underwear or jeans if you're feeling ambitious.

There were also, thank god, lady detectives:

Or is it lady criminals?  Lady killers? Spicy. Ruffian, Fall 2012.

And Alexander Wang's at-the-kneecap boots. 

Will not make ladylike leg-crossing easy.

Though the over-the-knee version is still alive and (!) kicking.  Which you were a bit nervous about, given a recent pair on your Want List, but which you need not be nervous about:

Altuzarra, Fall 2012

There's also been a great deal of blue + black:

Rebecca Taylor, Fall 2012.
Which shouldn't really register as a thing, because they're just colors, everyday colors, but it's definitely going to be a thing. 

And, finally, Wes Gordon:

Wes Gordon, Fall 2012.  How do you feel about mullet hemlines?  I'm giving the above a pass. 
Yes, our Wes Gordon has returned to form!  He somewhat let us (you, me) down last season, but--with a few notable (furry) exceptions--he was wonderful this time around.  I don't think he's going to shakeup the fashion world or speak to whatever the season's trends may be (except perhaps a gold thing I've noticed taking shape), but the gem tones are beautiful and I can see myself in those teal pajamas with the white robe-coat.  Which is more that I can say for most of what's been walking down the runway.  Which sounds mean, but it's early yet and not enough designers are walking PJs down the runway. 

J. Benny

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