Thursday, April 21, 2011

My fridge is broken

Dear Kristin,
My perishables are in a plastic bag on my fourth story window's outside sill.  I hope they're cold enough.  I worry about them, about their health.  I think I may need to toss the milk if it doesn't get cooler out.  Not that it's hot.  But we're getting closer, yeah?  I often examine our ten-day forcast, looking for highs that have a 6_ or 7_ attached to them, and have found a few next week.  Today, of course, is mid-50s.  Decent milk-on-the-fire-escape weather. 

Still, I ought to cherish the spring.  Only spring allows for pink lips:

With leather finish jeans and five-inchers:

What will I do when I can't wear my black suede platform boots?  Oh, yeah.

(Out of stock online, but I was able to physically purchase mine from UO today.)
Urban Outfiiters.  The least expensive, classy FLATFORMS I could find.

Now, on to the real reason for this surprise, pre-summer post.  It's music related.  Besides The National's newest little lovely (created, as I understand it, for a video game called Portals 2), I wanted you to hear this:

Cass McCombs, County Line.

J. Benny

P.S. Oh, late 90s saddness, I must miss you:

The Cass and Jude have a similar something, no?

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